Riddlesden Hall

Riddlesden Hall – 26th August 2015

As part of the BGHS summer school, a number of students were taken to the National Trust Stately Home of East Riddlesden Hall in West Yorkshire, to fit in with the Summer School Humanities focus about Yorkshire.

The experience was aimed at pupil premium students in year 6 who would be starting at BGHS in September in order to help them feel more confident about starting high school and to provide them with an experience they might otherwise not get. The visit also gave members of staff an opportunity to monitor students for any possible difficulties that they might encounter in order to put strategies in place for the beginning of term.

The day was split between a number of different activities including orienteering, bird watching and looking around the stately home. I was given responsibility for a small group and we rotated around the activities together. It was up to me to make sure that all students were accounted for at regular intervals and to ensure that the students were behaving safely and appropriately at all times.

All of the student really enjoyed the day and it gave me an opportunity to observe how school trips are organised and carried out to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all students. It also gave me a chance to get to know some of the students and other members of staff that I would be working alongside for the next year. The experience was invaluable for both myself and the students.